Current Issue: Spring 2015

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Dale Mackey

Michelle Villanueva

Matt Morgan

Chad Hanson

Michelle Yee

Jen Karetnik

Paul Dickey

Chris Crittenden

Karen Vargas

Robert Stout

Amy Schreibman Walter

Joel Solonche


Robert Boucheron


Marlene Olin

James Reed

Radhika Singh

Nick Heeb

Linda Ferguson

Douglas J. Ogurek

Nadeem Zaman

Daniel Davis

2016 Pushcart Nominees

The Milo Review is pleased to nominate these six works for the 40th annual Pushcart Prize.


Savages by Jean Ryan

Her Velocity by Shae Krispinksy

Jewelry Designs by Chantal Corcoran

We All Come Here From a Long Way Off by Sarah E. Caouette


The Cellar Boy by Chardin by Lisa Alexander Baron

SALT by Leonore Hildebrandt




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